Wifi credentials not saved after reset

Hi All,

I’ve been using the blynk.edgent example as a starting point for my project (based on esp8266). I’ve just noticed that when I reset or power cycle the wifi module, none of the wifi credentials are saved.
Is this the expected behaviour?

I re-uploaded the example (only changing the template and device name) to check if it reconnected after reset - and it doesn’t.

Have I done something wrong?

It seems, something is wrong with your module settings. Such as wrong reset vector. Try also to erase the whole memory when programming the module. Definitely, it’s not the Blynk issue.

SPIFFS Settings ?

I’m running the example, I haven’t made any changes yet. :man_shrugging:

I uninstalled the esp8266 arduino core, then reinstalled it and now everything is working again.