Wifi Country - WiFi Channels per country


Most recently our products hit the international market, while we are excited about it we are facing a problem with setting wifi per country. The regulations refer to:

2.4 GHz Band:

  • In the United States (FCC regulations):
    • Channels: 1 to 11
    • Power levels: Maximum EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) varies by channel but is generally limited to around 30 dBm (1 watt).
  • In the European Union (ETSI regulations):
    • Channels: 1 to 13 (Note: Some countries allow only up to channel 11)
    • Power levels: Maximum EIRP is usually around 20 dBm (100 milliwatts).

Any ideas on how to get the installer to do this manually per installation? Are there any plans for Blynk to add this to future releases?


I don’t really understand what functionality you’re asking for from Blynk.

The only time a Blynk device will normally act as an Access Point is during config mode when Edgent is being used.
By default, with an ESP device, if no channel is specified in the softAP command then it will default to channel 1, which is legal in all countries.

When the device is in Station mode it will connect to one of the channels that’s being offered by the WiFi device (Router to Access Point).
If your customers are configuring their WiFi devices to offer channels that are illegal in their country and/or choosing a transmit power which is illegal in their country then that’s entirely about how they have configured their network system, not how WiFi clients are connecting to that network.

Am I missing something in your description of the functionality that you’re asking for?


Hi Pete,

I am referring to AP mode, in some cases the ESP32 default to channel 12 or 13. We are using ESP-Wroom-32D.

The question is can we force the chip to Channel 1-11?


That’s because the router or wireless access point is offering those channels. Change the country in the router/WAP configuration and reboot it.



I will add this suggestion to the installation manual.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend :wink: