WidgetTerminal \t prosessing

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Widget terminal processing sign \t is very strange, if you put one \t there is no space at all. And if you put three in a row it puts 2 spaces that are not tied to the line. Is that normal behaivior?

terminal.print(String("")+ "CPUt:" + cputemp + "°C" + "\t");
terminal.println(String("")+ "GPUt:"+ PCdata[1] + "°C" + "\t\t\t" + "SSD:"+ PCdata[3] + "°C");

Yes… it is a form of character control \t is tab, others such as \n is a new line and \r is a carriage return. Thus if you actually want to print a backslash, you need to do it twice.

@Gunner I don’t think @777 want’s to print a tab.

@777 I think if you were using Blynk.virtualWrite() to send the String to the terminal it would work. Are you calling the terminal.flush() somewhere in your code?

yes i call flush at the end

For debugging purposes try VW.

Actually I have no idea what the issue was… I was just pointing out that you can’t just print a single backslash… in case that is what the OP was trying to do with all those backslashes

Eg. if you want to print "\ This is a backslash" you need to actually print "\\ This is a backslash"

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i want just tab space like in word document :grinning: if this is possible

I don’t think the terminal widget follows all the conventional character commands… you might just have to print hard spaces :stuck_out_tongue:

i got same result with VW, \t just dont work as it should

777, im not suggesting this is a fix…but im curious what this code would do.

terminal.print(String("")+ “CPUt:” + cputemp + “°C”);
terminal.println(String("")+ “GPUt:”+ PCdata[1] + “°C” + “\t\t\t” + “SSD:”+ PCdata[3] + “°C”);

Looks like escape t (tab) is not implemented for terminal (in either syntax).

same result, nothing