Widgets questions, which I can not find

Hello dear friends of the forum, I connected an Arduino Mega, with Ethernet W5100.
Create buttons for digital pin out, and with that you can control relays. All ok.
But I want when an event is generated by another digital pin to activate one of the pins.
Pin D23 from 1 to 0, Activate relee.
Pin D29 from 1 to 0, Activate re-read.
Pin D32 from 1 to 0, Activate relee.
Pin D35 from 1 to 0, Activate relee.

What I want is to put a Timer. That when it is 9 pm. Pin D23 from 1 to 0, Active re-read, and at 9 o’clock. Pin D23 from 0 to 1, deactivates re-read.
I think this is done with Events, but I do not find this Widget in Widget Box.

Another thing, I want when for a Digital pin there is level 1, I sent an email and a led on the cell phone.
Enter the mail widget, but I do not know how to configure it.

Another question, can you add programming to the Arduino, interspersed with Blynk?

Missing examples of this on YouTube, it would be very good to upload videos of how it is done, and if possible in Spanish. Blynk, this is a great app, but there is a lack of information in more explanatory videos.

Many thanks to everyone from Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Hola queridos amigos del foro, he conectado un Arduino Mega, con Ethernet W5100.
Cree botones para salidas de pines digitales, y con eso controlo relees. Todo ok.
Pero quiero que cuando se genere un evento por otro pin digital active uno de los pines.
Pin D23 de 1 a 0, Activa relee.
Pin D29 de 1 a 0, Activa relee.
Pin D32 de 1 a 0, Activa relee.
Pin D35 de 1 a 0, Activa relee.

Lo que quiero es poner un Timer. Que cuando son las 21 hs. Pin D23 de 1 a 0, Activa relee, y a las 9 hs. Pin D23 de 0 a 1, desactiva relee.
Yo creo que esto se realiza con Eventos, pero no encuentro dicho Widget, en Widget Box.
Otra cosa, quiero que cuando por un pin Digital haya nivel 1, me envié un mail y se encienda un led en el celular.
Incorpore el Widget mail, pero no sé cómo configurarlo.
Otra pregunta, ¿se puede agregar programación al Arduino, intercalada con Blynk?
Faltan ejemplos de esto en YouTube, sería muy bueno que subieran videos de como se hace, y si es posible en español. Blynk, es estupenda aplicación, pero falta información en videos más explicativos.
Desde ya muchas gracias a todos, desde Mar del Plata, Argentina.

You can use simple direct pin manipulation from the app, but if you want to do more complex things then yes, you use programming combined with Blynk and other libraries in your sketches.


Also check out all the other documentation and examples in the links at the upper right of this page.

If you are using IOS phone then there are some widgets that are not yet available in the version of app.

When posting here, you can just use the english translated text to keep the posting shorter. Thank you

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Thanks, yes, I’m using Iphone.