Widgets on phone aren't appearing on pc

I’m trying to build an app for my graduation project and I bought the basic plan for that purpose. However, when I try to build my app from the web-based app, I can’t see all the widgets that I can see on the phone. In fact, I can barely see any widgets at all. Please help.

There are far fewer web dashboard widgets than there are mobile dashboard widgets.

Blynk was originally a mobile only app, and the web dashboard was released when the Blynk IoT product was launched. The number of web dashboard widgets has increased slightly since the initial release, but still lags behind the mobile app in some respects.

Generally speaking, the two dashboards tend to be used for different purposes. I tend to use the mobile dashboard for switching, monitoring and alerts. The web dashboard is used more for monitoring and analytics - but that’s just my personal preference.

The widgets available with the mobile ad web dashboard for each subscription type are listed on the Blynk website.