Widget Width Changes

On my Android device the projects accept 8 units across the display where an LED is 1 unit, buttons are 2 and Timers are 3.

3 is an awful width unit, unless absolutely essential, and it looks like Timers would fit the 2 unit width.

End result would look much nicer on the completed project e.g. 4 timers across the screen, 2 timers and 2 buttons etc. Currently with 3 you are left trying to fill the gaps with random 1 width widgets (LED) or have a gaping void.


Agree, it was a bad decision. We should make it 4. But if we do so now, all the old projects will be corrupted…

@Dmitriy is there an easy way/workaround for it?

@Pavel and @Dmitriy half the screen (4 units) seems overkill for 12:34:56. Surely quarter screen would be ok and maybe it wouldn’t break the old projects as it is smaller than the current 3 units?

It can’t be smaller, unfortunately. Add am / pm for US and here we go. Font size should stay the same for design consistency

They will not. For existing timers size will remain the same.

I hadn’t realised Americans hadn’t cottoned on to the 24 hour clock yet. Just set my phone to old school AM and PM and it is really confusing for a “coder” i.e. someone that works around the clock.

It currently says 8.47 on the top of the phone and if I woke after a coding session to see that I wouldn’t know whether it was day or night. Back to 24 hour clock for me.

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@Dmitriy to be honest for 24 hour clock Blynkers I think 4 units is almost as bad as 3 units.

Maybe a new 24 hour clock, 2 unit width timer widget?

I use seconds when testing but do Blynkers use seconds in live systems?

Maybe lose seconds to keep the size down to 2 units for those using AM / PM?

Since timer supports turning something OFF in seconds, we need to show seconds. Overall, it can be hidden, but I’m sure we will get users who wouldn’t like it.