Widget Video stream and OV2640


I need help with my project using esp32 CAM (AI-thinker OV2640). No problem at all with the example CameraWebServer: I can see video on my browser with the ipadress.
But I was not able to see the video using the Widget on Blynk. I used many URL found looking around on internet. It seems the best is "http://ipaddress/stream" but after some seconds (buffering) the “error” appears on widget.
Many someone give me some suggestion?

To the best of my understanding,a Web Server and a Video Streaming Server are different processes. The Video Widget wants the Streaming Server, which may not even be available for esp32 CAM (AI-thinker OV2640)??

But you can try the Web Page Button Widget with your web server link.


Thank You very much @Gunner. With web page button i get video from Esp32 CAM. In this way pushing the button a new blynk window appears with the video ( would be fine have a screen inside the main app😉).
Thank You again.