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It would be useful to create a widget that does nothing … but that only serves to insert the text headers. Thanks if will be developed this simple feature.

You can use Labeled Value Widgets with text only and use space in the label

It seems to me a fairly improvised solution (the text is not centered in the widget)… to spend 400 energy points.
Perhaps it would be better to provide the most useful widgets and leaving out some absolutely unnecessary type the zeRGBa or Twitter. Of course this is just my humble opinion.

I agree that not having the ability to add clean text is a glaring hole. Text size and justification should be the bare essentials for settings.

You can center or right justify text by adding blank leading spaces. I often do this when I want a centered widget label. Blank spaces can also be used for widget naming, when no label is required.

  1. You can’t even imagine how many people are using zeRGBa and Twitter :wink:
  2. There is a center alignment in Labeled Value Widget

Your comments definitely make sense but having widgets that duplicate functionality will be lower in priority for some time.

Ok, may be a solution, although inelegant for an application of this high level. The vertical alignment (center) is not possible.

All widgets inherit same grid to achieve design consistency, that’s why vertical alignment is not possible.

I’ve just started using Blynk for my ESP32 based project and loving it !! I would like to display a page of text aka a “Disclaimer” but can’t find a widget to be able to do this. Is it possible and how ?
Thanks in advance.

Not sure why you’d need to add a disclaimer to a personal project.

If it’s a commercial project then talk to the guys at and they’ll probably give you access to the new features available in the commercial version of Blynk, which I believe give many more screen layout options.


Thanks for the quick reply Pete. I didn’t mention that it was a personal project. In fact it’s an extension of an ongoing project to detect carbon monoxide in light aircraft, hence the need to provide a “Disclaimer” notice. I didn’t realize there was a commercial option for Blynk. I’ll look into it and thanks for the info.

Sounds like a good idea. Something that I’m sure Dave Ibbotson would have found useful!
But, it doesn’t sound like something that would lend itself well to Blynk project. I’m a big fan of the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) approach and using an IoT solution for this sounds like an unnecessary level of complexity.

Those two statements don’t make sense for me I’m afraid! a disclaimer notice really only serves to indemnify the author from misuse by the end user, and if the two are the same person then it’s not necessary.


Hi Pete. Just to clarify - I have two separate projects but they are similar. For the aviation one, I won’t be using Blynk and will be connecting via WiFi to a local webserver running on the ESP32 device and hence I would need a “Disclaimer” notice to indemnify me against all claims by the end user. Blynk is not feasible in this case as roaming charges can be enormous when connected to the internet via GSM when crossing frontiers as in aviation. The other project using Blynk is to monitor Carbon Monoxide, Gas, Temperature etc. at a remote location and a “Disclaimer” in this instance is not necessary. Sorry for the confusion. I was just interested if a widget could be used to display a page of information but this seems to not be possible at the present time. Regards, George

BTW who is Dave Ibbotson ?

He was the pilot of the plane that crashed into the English Channel carrying footballer Emiliano Sala. The FAA say that the primary cause of the accident was Carbon Monoxide in the cabin from a broken exhaust.
For many years my hobby was skydiving, and Dave was a pilot who flew for us sometimes.


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OMG what a coincidence !! That’s exactly the reason that prompted me to develop a CO monitor for light aircraft. I’m a private pilot also and know the need for a CO monitor and also the dangers associated with CO poisoning. Yes, it is sad that he and Sala unnecessarily lost their lives. May they RIP and hope that these accidents never happen again.

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