Widget Status ... SDK?

Hi Guys, it is great to see so much support for various hardware platforms but we really need to see
you guys put more emphasis on delivery the widgets promised from Kickstarter and extras.

You might also make a open widget SDK or something. Maybe you guys could take a page from Apple and Unity and make a widget store, take 30% cut (as do Apple and Unity).

Create an eco system …!!

Thanks for the comment. It’s totally valid.

However, those two things are completely independent. Which means that adding new hardware support doesn’t affect widgets creation at all.

We had some internal transformations, onboarding new members and that’s what causes delays. The biggest segment of widgets which is not yet covered is smartphone sensors and GPS for example is almost ready for Android.

BTW, which widget would you like to see next, what’s lacking in Blynk?

Hi Pavel,

So I Kickstarterd both iOS and Andriod platforms. I have plans for both but my personal choice is iOS for my projects and I want to use my Android license to help my brother develop prop (tv/movie kind) controls for various on set projects.

It’s just my perception i guess that i see a lot of activity for the device side but not as much for the widget side. My assumption was you only have finite resources and if they were working on device support then they are not working on widgets. :smile:

For myself, what I would like to see first from whats missing in the promised kickstarter widgets are

LCD Display
Level Display

From the coming next section for my Zurg project I could really use the

Video Stream

widgets and I would be happy to see them before i see the rest of the initial kickstarter promised widgets.

As mentioned in another thread, being able to display an image is also a real near term requirement for me.

Two other issues I was hoping to see resolved sooner rather then later are 1) proper tablet support as we are pretty limited by smart phone screen size and 2) while we can put widgets on the screen, it doesn’t really feel like you can create an actual app (at least not with the kind of polish i was hoping for) maybe im expecting too much?


Pretty large wish list :smile:

From what I notice here, everything is planned, except for the tablet version. We never promised to do it and currently don’t even dream about it.

Knob was put to a low priority, because you can use Slider for the same interaction (it’s even better than circular gesture)

Voice, video and sound are also put to the end of queue, after all the Kickstarter widgets are done.

Again, hardware is a different part of the platform and we created a flexible sofware, which allows us extend the list pretty easy.

However I should apologize for the delays anyway. But we really work day and night on Blynk, believe me. We want it be ready even more than you.

I know tablet support was never mentioned but screen space is limited on ios devices and afaik you do not support (yet?) scaling or rotating controls?

From a compatibility point of view I could see app’s designed for phones fitting on larger screens but not the other way around unless you implemented some panning capability.

On a side note. If a person wished to create their own front end to the Blynk server and device support, is it doable?


Joystick widget works in landscape mode.
We might also extend real estate with tabs widget, but it won’s happen very soon. Our data shows that, on average, projects are less than 50% filled with widgets.

About front-end. Since you have all the control over local server, you can definitely build some kind of a web page to manage it.

Hi Pavel, I was wanting to rotate the widgets so they operate (and show the label) in landscape mode. Also once you drop two joysticks onto the canvas there are then other controls that will not fit.

I also apologize for not being clear about the front end replacement. I meant can i write my own replacement for the Blynk iOS/Andriod app. Let say i want to make my own app in Unity for example to interact with the Blynk Server and devices.

Well, we could have done joysticks tiny, but then you won’t be able to operate with them normally. All of our decisions are not made just to make something. Every solution has a background of discussions, research and user testings. We will also provide landscape orientation for majority of widgets.

Regarding your second question - no. Only our app can talk to the server. You should understand that if we don’t monetize, we will need to shut down Blynk.

Could you guys consider offering a smaller joystick at 4 x 3 vs the 5 x4 you settled on?

I completely understand you need income and I am sure that 50K kickstarter could get used up petty quick with 3 or 4 people working on it. I hope your post kickstarter sales will be good.

I still think there is a good opportunity for additional client apps if the agreements are setup correctly.