Widget settings optimisations

@BlynkAndroidDev, some quick optimisation ideas:

let’s take button settings, as example:
(in this topic, by “device selector” i mean not the widget, but the “target” option in the button settings)

when i build a new project with multiple devices, i begin adding the widgets in order for every device. begin with device #1, add all widgets, than continue with device #2, etc.

when i set up a new button (or any widget), before selecting virtual pin, first i have to select the respective device in widget settings > target. for this option i have to scroll to bottom of the page, every time.

than, when i select the device in the list, the window is not closing automatically, i have to click on the back arrow. when i set up the next widget for the same device, the default selected device always resets to the first one in the list. i have scroll the list again and select the actual device again. these are not big issues, but very repetitive and needs lots of extra “clicks and scrolls”.

so, my recommendations:

  • because one have to select the respective device BEFORE selecting the virtual pin, the device selector list should be placed above the virtual pin selector list, for less scrolling and better logical order

  • device selector list should close instantly when a device is selected

  • the default selected device in the list should be the last selected one

these mods shouldn’t be complicated to implement, but would improve the day by day usability and user experience.

@Pavel what do you think?

Good ideas. Thanks. Will put to the plan. In general, device and pin selection should be redesigned and we have it in plan


also, it would be nice to display the associated device name with small fonts above the associated virtual pin when the project is stopped. (see photo) it would be much easier to verify which widget is associated to which device / virtual pin.

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I think it would be too much and very messy…

yes, you’re right from that point of view, but what other way would be to easily identify which widget belongs to which device?
i didn’t had better idea…

This is why it’s so difficult to create good UX :wink:
We will think about that