Widget properties

Dear All,
Please give me a hint.
I have some variable (var) I want to display using, let’s say, V2, both on Web interface and mobile.
For Console I take simple “Label” widget and do

Blynk.virtualWrite(V2, var);

OK, it is there.
Now, I want the same in mobile app.
Since there is no “Label” widget in mobile ( why ?) , I take “Display” widget and assign the same V2 to it. Works fine, I see the same value on the web and on mobile screen.
Now, let’s try some properties…

Blynk.setProperty(V2, "color", BLYNK_GREEN);

On web interface - widget background color goes green…
On mobile interface - widget text color goes green…
A bit unexpected…
Well, yes, “Label” and “Display” are different widgets and nobody promised that they behave in the same way.
And yes, web interface and mobile interfaces are different in that they are supposed to show different info for different users as well as different levels of details. That’s fine. Still I think there is a lot of cases when some fundamental variables should be visible in the same way in both interfaces.
I my case my idea was simply to highlight the value to indicate that this value is “valid” (green) according to some logic…

I can use 2 datastreams to display one value on 2 interfaces, but this seems to be cumbersome… I am on PLUS plan and I don’t have too many DataStreams to use…

I tried to find a property that controls widget text color in Console - negative;
I tried to find a property that controls widget background color in Mobile - negative;
I tried to find a summary on widget-property-effect - negative;

Any hints on this ?


Have you checked the documentation ?

Yes, I have. “color” and “label” are the only properties available…

The color and label widget properties are supported by all widgets, however some widgets contain unique characteristics, such as onLabel, offLabel, onColor, offColor, onBackColor, etc., that prevent them from working with other widgets.

For instance, changing the labeled value widget’s background color won’t work because the labeled value widget doesn’t have a background color property.

Yes, this is clear…
My dissatisfaction was that I personally don’t see any logic in widgets and their corresponding properties.
As in my example - why “color” property changes background color of console Label widget and the same “color” property changes text color of mobile Display widget ? I don’t see any rationale behind - these widgets are almost the same, why not to allow to change both background color and text color. Hope this will come some time

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@DimitryPB looks like a bug

I agreed with you, I told about that one or two months ago, but still had no response :thinking:

Let’s hope that improvements will come

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I don’t understand why this was not implemented at the same time as the widget buttons, it seems to me that it is the same codding :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I would like simple text button or styled button to be added to Console.

As I said, I use widget button in push mode instead of label value widget, to display values, that works fine.