Widget Notifycation don't work on iOS 8.3

Hello, dear Blynk developers!

I tried using a widget “Notifycation” on iOS 8.3 (iPhone 6)
Widget does not work, does not send notifications absolutely

I tried to send notifications when I clicked a button tied to pin V7

if ( param.asInt() == 1) { Blynk.notify(“Hello from blynk app”); }

P.S. This application on Android works fine
P.P.S. Notices for blink in the iPhone settings are all allowed

Please try to remove and add back notification widget.
Also, set priority to “hight”.

Thanks for the answer
Tried, but does not work (((

Maybe it’s important:
I’m using a local blynk server
And ESP-12F modules…

Right. Push notifications from local server are not supported yet on iOS.

Thanks, i did not know about it (
Does this function work in the next versions?

Hello, from what I understand, push ios notifications from local server are not active. Those I do not understand are whether they will be activated or is a ios limitation. Thank you