Widget Idea: Named Bridge Widgets in Eventor?

Use case for me: I have a number of rooms I’m controlling for growing… They all follow the same sketch, same pins, same digital output to relays. I imagine someone who’s controlling different parts of their house has something similar going on.

I’d like to essentially be able to do eventor scenarios- comparison operators- between numbers and pins on one project, but it would be AWESOME to be able to somehow have access to (named?) bridge widgets such that when the list of pins comes up in eventor, i have my vpins, and I have a list of my bridge pins as well.

Event example 1: when GPS (:sunglasses:) location = x, pins 4 (lights)= 1 on projects: living room, bridge: dining room, bridge: basement.

Event example 2: when temp outside sensor output on Vpin 1 > 40 and < 70, send a 1 to Vpin 8 in (bridge) room A, (bridge) room B and (bridge) room C (this tells the rooms to bring in outside air and stop using the boiler/cooler)


I havnt tried Eventor yet (come on iOS update!!) but from the sounds of it, you have a great idea. I think it would be handy to me too.