Widget for WS2812 strips that can control individual pixels



I am just exploring Blynk and it all looks like a fantastic system.

What I don’t see is an app widget for controlling the pixels of a WS2812 strip.
I suspect I could add a button for every pixel but it seems a bit clumsy for a strip of 200 pixels.

I see lot of projects setting colors of the whole WS2812 strip and running animated effects, but I am not interested in doing that, I want to be able to control specific LEDs and set them to specific colors. For example: set pixel 5 to red set pixel 234 to white. (Where the app user can select the pixel numbers and colors.)

Ultimately I want to do things in sets, for example:
set LEDs 3 through 12, 18 24 and 129 to Red
set LEDs 13 through 17 to Green

I understand I can do this in code and allocate LEDs 3 through 12, 18 24 and 129 to say virtual pin 25, then connect a color picker to write to V25. My code would then take that value and set the pixels to the indicated color. I could then add a color picker/button for each set that I defined in the app.

Did I overlook a widget or combination of widgets that would allow arbitrary control of individual pixels?

Thanks in advance,



No you didn’t miss anything. Since controlling neopixel LEDs requires libraries and code, that is what you need. Just like controlling servos, steppers, motors, logical feedback, etc… basically anything beyond basic GPIO control.

But Blynk does make those programmed things easier and fun to control via our phones/tablets, over the internet/network and with a nice customisable GUI.

Sounds good… please post any such code you make here so others can share in the RGB glory :smiley:

PS, if this is a widget idea, please post such over here.


Thanks, yes, I understand the more complex the libraries needed, the more complex the widget may be.
More fundamental controls in the app make more sense.