Widget blocked

Dear Sirs,

I would like to ask you for support regarding my subscription for a “Maker” plan.
Unfortunatelly the subscription ended due to missed payment because the credit card expired, whithout being made aware of it.
Only 2 days later, I proceed with the payment and subscription update, however, apparently the contract terms were changed to a lower number of devices permitted, and consequently some of my widgets were unenabled.
Given the fact that I have not been notified about the missed payment and taking into consideration my quick reaction and long time using your services, I would like you to apply previous plan conditions, it means, that you allow me to use the widget types I have been using recently (f.e. “Enhanced Gauge” type).

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration,
Best Regards,Angel Palacios.

Hello @serveo. Is your Blynk email login the same as the email address from this forum?

Hello, good morning, thank you for answering me first of all. Yes it is exactly the same.
I have a project in a factory and I had several already made and presented with that configuration and having a pro subscription is expensive and I think that due to a two-day oversight my project has been ruined.

If you’re using Blynk for commercial projects then you should have a Pro subscription. The maker plan is for personal projects only.


I think I have explained myself clearly, it is a humble project and it is starting.
I have been with the maker subscription since March 2022 and due to a small problem of two days they are directly giving me the delay.
And I think I have been quite careful with the answers, I think my problem is understood quite well, if you have read the first post Pete.
Please I need a solution for the problem and if this proposal goes well I will get a pro subscription but obviously I can’t ask for a pro because I have five devices.
And I believe that we are all human and can make a mistake.

The “Project in a factory” comment implies that it’s a business/commercial project.
The Blynk website outlines the purposes of each type of subscription…


My pint was that this sounds like a “Commercial Prototyping” type of project, so you should probably be using a Pro subscription anyway.

It’s obviously up to Blynk whether they reinstate your previous Maker permissions in this situation.


Pete, I am a worker who has proposed this project and it has been difficult for me to convince many people to continue,
because they are a little skeptical and my way of convincing them is to go little by little,
if I tell you now that you have to have a pro subscription, I won’t hesitate to ask if this moves forward.
They’ll throw it back on me and Blynk and I will all lose, because even though I don’t take anything, my pride will feel hurt, and I think everyone understands this aspect.
I am not asking for something unfair, simply that they restore the rights that I had acquired two days before…
Thanks for your help.