Why is the implementation of Edgent in examples folder?

It is not very clear to me how the Edgent part of the Blynk library is embedded in the whole repository at

As I understand it Edgent is the 2.0 version of the Blynk library, but I only see the implementation of Edgent in the examples folder of the library, with specific implementations for each board type. These implementations do, in turn, rely on the sources of the library itself, i.e. BlynkSimpleEsp32_SSL.h

This suggests that I need to included those implementation files directly in my own project, and manually update them when they are modified in the library examples folder.

I tried looking for a Edgent specific repository or branch but I could not find anything like that.

Is Edgent not officially released or in beta? Again if I understand correctly then most documentation is Edgent focused which would suggest it is officially released …

Is this an intermediate solution? Will these implementations files like BlynkEdgent.h be included in the main src folder of the library at some point?

Thanks for any info on this