Why is the blynk server working?

Today we are in the year 2023 and the blynk program server has not stopped working yet. This is not the reason ?

Why are you reminding Blynk team to take it down!? Let it run . Many of us have not yet migrated. Including me :joy:.


I just want to know :rofl::grinning:

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Just migrated to a local server. Took me a few days and the help of my son to be able to configure everything in a proper way under docker on a Synology NAS.
I was afraid of the 2023 bug generated by blynk.

I’m not sure why you’d describe a planned decommissioning as a “bug”.

Which version of Blynk local server are you running?


Do you have information about the reason why the server does not stop? And when will my friend pete be stopped ???

If that question is aimed at me then the answer is no, I have the same information that you do.


Hi Pete,

I did not mean a bug on the Blynk side, but a bug in my home system that would shutdown if i did not do anything. A little bit as the 2000 bug.

Best Wises for the New year


But it’s not a bug.
A bug is an error, flaw or fault in the design, development, or operation of a system.
This is a pre-planned and pre-publicised retirement of a system which has been replaced with a more up-to-date system - not a bug.

However, there is a Java vulnerability (which I do class as a bug) that affects all local server releases prior to the most recent (v0.41.17) release - which is why I asked the question…


What is this vulnerability in java my friend pete

It’s called Log4j2
Google it and you’ll find out more.

The issue is that vulnerabilities and exploits like this are discovered from time to time, and software suppliers fix them. But, with Legacy local server these won’t get fixed in future as the product is no longer supported.


Thanks Pete, As I have v0.41.10, it seems that I will need to hire my son again to update the version in the Docker installation. I am not very familiar with docker.

The servers are down. thanks for the reminder :laughing:


Can i migrate legacy blynk to blynk2.0? My dad use blynk but he doesnt know that blynk would not stop. please suggest me.

@Nok_Sirikorn Please read this…


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