Why have notifications, twitter and email use precious dashboard real estate?

I think the subject covers what I’m trying to get across.

I just feel having the twitter, email and notification widgets as ‘physical’ items on the dashboard is a waste of space. Why not just have them as a preference you can turn on/off under the ‘nut’ settings icon?


This the ideology of Blynk. Just keeping the things simple: every functionality is a Widget. Every functionality that has settings is in Widget Settings.

Also, our data shows that real estate is not a problem at all. Yet :smile:

With the progression of Blynk I think at some point there will be a bigger screen available or iPads or other type of Pads (correct me if I’m wrong though @Pavel). Then there will be enough space!

I like to use more space too for my Lego trains so I can add virtual signposts and such. It’s kind of not working well now but that is just because of the small screen :slight_smile: