Why Blynk is not sky-rocketing


I also backed-up BLYNK for it is a great idea !

And it came soon after anouncement. Worked and if not… the founders themself are jumping to help you.

Great…but why isn’t it sky-rocketing ??

Look at the posting dates in this forum… and the quantity. Not very lifely… Some lost souls spread al over the globe.

So: What is missing ?

In my opinion it’s – DOCUMENTATION –

Blynk has the look and the feel it’s designed for me.
I WANT, but i CAN’T
I’m not a programmer or a whizzkid; Hence if i were, i wouldn’t need BLYNK,

If i was a whizzkid i’d develop and soldered and make things… but i can’t.

I have an above normal knowledge of electronics. But not more than that.

I can repair my washing-machine if it’s a matter of deducting the fault and replacing the broken part …guided by the internet- repairmen !
I need guidance !!!

BLYNK is perfekt for me, IF there was a guide.
A set of Youtube-chapters would be great…
Every introduction of a new knob, button, zeRGBa, Bridge or led, etc. should ALWAYS be accompanied by a step-by-step guidance of how to use it.

Thats the missing lynk :smile:

Look a ‘Instructables’ and ‘Adafruit learning’
That’s the way i’d like to see with BLYNK.

Still love it, but … it’s gathering dust more and more…

Hope someone picks up the glove…
I’m no techi, so i can’t do it.
i’m a consumer, journalist, tv-producer who’d love to see that someone helps him to play with BLYNK.

Regards from Amsterdam,

Ron Versteeg, The Netherlands.


Hi Ron,

We can’t argue with you at all because you are totally right. More than that, I’m also not that technical like you - so I hear you. I understand you absolutely.

The problem is always in resources, such as time, people, (money as well) and others. We are a very small team for such an ambitious project. And this small team is handling everything: from business questions to hardware implementations, marketing and talking to you, dear Blynkers. So it’s always a matter of focus and prioritization.

Of course tutorials are planned, for many of them we even have scripts and materials. And we will be posting them, together with documentation. It just takes a huge amount of time.

But we promise to educate you on Blynk, for sure!


Pavel , thx for your honnest answer.

I can understand that problem.
I’ve got a son working 24/7 with his team to get bussiness going.

Software for education (new) and a small team doing everything… exactly the same.

helas i can’t help Blynk , but for the advice i wrote in the Original Post.

Keep up the good work !


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If hc-05 bluetooth support were possible I d love to make an instructable. I agree with RadioRon that if somebody somehow explained to me how to connect an esp2886 to an arduino and use blynk i d be quite a bit further now. But the documentation that is available is great, and blynk is a great system! Only love for you guys!