Why Blynk app keeps last value

Why Blynk app keeps last value when device (photon) went to offline or Blynk app is stopped by stop button.
On the limited/customer app (shared access) while app is started or at the first starting moment it says “particle device is offline” but this push message going to lost and then all widget looks like working by their last value.

Is there any solution at the startup app to show all led widget like “off”
Or any solution to make led/widget all “off” after been device connection offline.

Note:push notification widget works well. When device going to offline I’m getting push notification in a minute.

Because it is a very useful feature that most Blynkers require. Knowing the state of the hardware is vital for many projects.

You can remove this functionality by manually setting the state to ON or OFF if required. This can be done on each reboot of the hardware or on each connection to the Blynk server etc.

this is what i do in one of my projects during void setup()

  Blynk.virtualWrite(V0, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V2, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V3, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V4, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V5, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V6, 0);
  //Blynk.virtualWrite(V7, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V8, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V9, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V10, 0);
  //Blynk.virtualWrite(V11, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V12, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V13, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V14, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V15, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V16, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V17, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V18, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V19, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V20, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V21, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V22, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V23, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V24, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V25, 0);
  // Blynk.virtualWrite(V26, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V27, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V28, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V29, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V30, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V31, 0);

  Blynk.virtualWrite(V36, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V51, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V35, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V40, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V38, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V39, 0);

  Blynk.virtualWrite(V42, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V43, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V47, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V48, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V49, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V50, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V53, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V41, 0);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V44, 0);

@Dave1829 you might want to redefine V7, V11 and V26 etc so you can use a for loop to initialise your main virtual pins to zero.

First of all thanks for all answers.

That’s not what I need.

I need to know/see always by any widget (led or label etc.), while Blynk app is open on my phone is particle device online or offline?

Because after show offline message for a second, my app widgets are looking like working all excellent. But in reality there is no connection.

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Just flash an LED at 1 sec intervals using the Photon equivalent of SimpleTimer. If LED is not flashing you are not connected.

Honesty I thought about that solution. Just I thought it’s not great idea. And by that reason I think if Blynk making notification for offline situation why can not show that until online connection coming back…? That fault message appear at the top of screen just for a moment. Blynk developer must think and keep that message there while offline I think.

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I think this is something you have to do yourself. When Blynkers are testing their projects many of them will be offline for days or weeks at a time. Some Blynkers have dozens of projects that again will normally be offline. So rather than use resources to continuously inform Blynkers that their projects are offline you just get the one warning that the project has been offline (since it was last online, if that makes sense).

We will add some device status in future versions.


Hopefully this will not involve being told every 20s that my 100 WIP projects are offline.


@Costas sure not :slight_smile:.

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Put a RTC clock on your app screen to see if it is offline…