Which subscription allows me to stream video on the phone? so my gas detection


I am a university student and I need to stream a video on the phone is the standard subscription that will be allowed to stream the short video?

Basically, my small project is using an esp32, mq2 gas sensor, and camera, so whenever the gas sensor is activated the camera should ideally record a short video and send it with a notification.

Also what about the notification will I be limited to receiving the notification?

So do you all think any recommendation would be good?

Thank you for your communication.

The mobile video stream widget requires a Maker or Pro subscription.

However, the widget is t easy to use, as the video url needs to be publicly resolvable, so you’ll you’ll need to do some port forwarding in your router and either have a static public IP address or use a DDNS service and a DDNS updater within your network (your router may be able to do this for you).

You’ll need to handle this part…

because the video isn’t ‘sent’ to the mobile device, it simply plays the video that is streamed to it at the time, so you’ll need to record the video and play it back to the stream - possibly triggered by a button widget in the app?

The normal restrictions of 100 events per 24 hour period apply to the Notificatiins (which are triggered by logging an event).

TBH, viewing the location via a camera seems a target clunky approach to a gas detection situation. What is it that you expect to see on the video?


It just for a project I am still thinking so the user could see what activate the gas sensor, I am also thinking maybe the photo would it not be easier?

So if I subscribe for the maker would it be easy to set up the video stream?

I’ve explained the steps you’d need to take. If it sounds like it’s something you’d be able to do easily then yes, it will be easy.