🌍 Which language are you missing in Blynk?

Hey, Blynkers!

As we continue to grow and support more creators and innovators worldwide, we want to make sure that Blynk speaks your language :earth_africa::speaking_head:

We are trying to make IoT development as accessible and user-friendly as possible, and providing Blynk in your native language is a key part of that. As you all know, we offer several languages (with a newly added Brazilian Portuguese), but there’s a world of languages we haven’t touched yet! You can check how do you find available languages and switch between them on web and mobile here.

We’d love to hear from you:

  • Which language would you like to see added to Blynk next?
  • If you already see the language in the comments - just add your like and we will see which one is the most desired by the community

We’d love to hear your feedback as it directly influences platform updates and new features.

Drop your suggestions below, so we can bring more languages into our community :slightly_smiling_face:

Blynk Team


I would love to see Korean language support added.
I work as a hardware and firmware developer freelancer in Korea.
When my clients need an app to interface with their products, I recommend Blynk to them.
With Korean language support, I believe my clients would consider using Blynk more positively.


Translations into French aren’t always accurate :relieved::wink:

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Hindi, Most spoken and readable Language in India.

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