Which IP to use with IFTTT

hi, Im using private server and i want to use IFTTT with it. can any one help with figuring out what the IP address that i should use? I live in Sri Lanka.

@Malaka_Perera it depends on your server. If it is behind the the router - you needs to use IP of your router and do port forwarding to the server within the network. If it has public IP you need to put just it.

Thank you Dmitriy!
i just installes server on my windows PC and every thing login in to home router.everything is working fine.now i want to use google assistant to control everything. thats why i need IFTTT.

in that case do i need to do port forwarding?
if so can u please explain bit about that?
and the How the URL should be?

Hello, Can someone please help me with this issue? im struggling lot with this.

That is a general networking / router question, not Blynk specific… try Googling port forwarding for your router make/model

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