Where to put server.properties

Hi nice blynkers i just discovered blynk some two months ago so i’m a complete noob. I installed blynk clean on my pi but i dont know what folder to put the server.properties file.
Also, its a pi zero w the server is running on. I would like to know if that will create any draw back?

Blynk. That is where you should have it.

ok thanks. one more thing, does the term ‘local’ server mean that when i have it running on the pi that i no longer need internet to make it work?

Yes it’s working without internet


The “internet” is just a big network… very big :wink: so as long as all your needed Blynk parts… Phone, Server, Device, can connect on the same “network”, Local or otherwise, all is good… But if you leave your house, then you will need to use port forwarding on your router to link your phone, via the internet, to your local networked Blynk server and devices.