Where to find csv files in local server?

I have enabled the db from server properties, but i cannot see any csv files in my datafolder where it bin files is only there? any idea to see csv file?


How to use that? sorry im new here with my project

Is there any way to automatically save my sensors data to my localserver without having a history graph?

The data is already saved there I believe… the graph just grabs it for viewing (e.g you can have a bunch of sensors running for the last few months and just now add the graph… but it will still see all that past data… well at least it does on my server :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I only see BIN files there, i just want to view it directly on excel or in csv file

and i want also to display all my sensors data in one csv file only

You have to make an API call via a browser for the csv file to be created from the bin file and automatically downloaded. It is one csv per pin though.

i dont have any ideA on calling API, can uyou please give me some tutorial regarding on this or a step by step process or any example?

@cyz07 there are lots of things I don’t have any idea about but if I were you I would do this:

  1. Use an internet tool called Google search engine and enter keywords relating to the subject I don’t know about. So if it’s about Bynk’s API I would probably do this.

  2. Google ranks all the pages on the internet with SERPS for the keywords you have entered and a quick scan of the results suggests their tool really does work. This is the top ranked page for those keywords.

  3. Wow a whole website dedicated to Blynk’s API. Scanning down the left hand side of the page the link for Pin History Data looks promising.

  4. Amazing the Blynk guys have actually provided the exact syntax for all of their API commands and for pin data history it’s shown as http://blynk-cloud.com/auth_token/data/pin

  5. Google is traded on the NASDAQ with a ticker of GOOGL at $935 a share and known by the official holding company of Alphabet Inc. With a tool like this it might be worth buying some stock.

  6. Blynk stock is traded at …

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So funny :stuck_out_tongue: and also helpful :+1:

Automatic reports are planned for nearest future. Right now you have to make simple script that will take CSV data from API in order to get it periodically.

Okay thank you ill wait for that, i have another problem regarding in sending the email which when it meets the certain requirements it automatically send “LOGIN TIMEOUT” THis is the part of the code that has a problem.

   if(t>=31 && notified==0){
      Blynk.notify(String("WATER IS AT RISK!")+"Temperature: \n"+t+"\n"+"Ph: \n"+Po+"\n"+"Turbidity: \n"+h);
      Blynk.email("WATER IS AT RISK!",String("DATA GATHERED \n")+"Temperature: \n>"+t+"\n"+"Ph: \n"+Po+"\n"+"Turbidity: \n"+h);
      timer.setInterval(300000L, resetNotified);
   else if(t>=27 && t<=29 && notif==0){
      Blynk.notify(String("WATER IS NORMAL")+"Temperature: \n"+t+"\n"+"Ph: \n"+Po+"\n"+"Turbidity: \n"+h);
      Blynk.email("WATER IS NORMAL!",String("DATA GATHERED \n")+"Temperature: \n>"+t+"\n"+"Ph: \n"+Po+"\n"+"Turbidity: \n"+h);
      timer.setInterval(300000L, resetNotified);

Before each Blynk.email() have the same entry but Serial.println(). Waht does Serial Monitor show?

What happens when t == 30?

Sorry i didnt include the 30 , just assume that 30 is at else if statement. The serial Monitor shows that when it tries to send an email it becomes ‘LOGIN TIMEOUT’ and after that it continue to display the value of the sensors. my only problem is IT DOESN’T SEND ANY NOTIFICATION OR EMAIL when trying that code .

i just want to send an email everytime the temperature is within the range of that value.

I want to see Serial Monitor from this amended code:

if(t>=31 && notified==0){
  Serial.println(String(“DATA GATHERED \n”)+“Temperature: \n>”+t+"\n"+“Ph: 
  \n”+Po+"\n"+“Turbidity: \n”+h);
  Blynk.notify(String(“WATER IS AT RISK!”)+“Temperature: \n”+t+"\n"+“Ph: \n”+Po+"\n"+“Turbidity: \n”+h);
  Blynk.email(“WATER IS AT RISK!”,String(“DATA GATHERED \n”)+“Temperature: \n>”+t+"\n"+“Ph: 
  \n”+Po+"\n"+“Turbidity: \n”+h);
  timer.setInterval(300000L, resetNotified);
else if(t>=27 && t<=29 && notif==0){
  Serial.println(String(“DATA GATHERED \n”)+“Temperature: \n>”+t+"\n"+“Ph: 
  \n”+Po+"\n"+“Turbidity: \n”+h);
  Blynk.notify(String(“WATER IS NORMAL”)+“Temperature: \n”+t+"\n"+“Ph: \n”+Po+"\n"+“Turbidity: \n”+h);
  Blynk.email(“WATER IS NORMAL!”,String(“DATA GATHERED \n”)+“Temperature: \n>”+t+"\n"+“Ph: 
  \n”+Po+"\n"+“Turbidity: \n”+h);
  timer.setInterval(300000L, resetNotified);


    ___  __          __
   / _ )/ /_ _____  / /__
  / _  / / // / _ \/  '_/
 /____/_/\_, /_//_/_/\_\
        /___/ v0.4.8 on Arduino Uno

[603] Connecting to GLOBE_BCEF47
[3790] 0.0(May 11 2016 18:09:56)
SDK version:1.5.4(baaeaebb)
compile time:May 20 2016 15:06:44
[4853] Failed to enable MUX
[10050] +CIFSR:STAIP,""
[10061] Connected to WiFi
[20371] Ready (ping: 19ms).
[30628] Ready (ping: 19ms).
[54516] Login timeout
[62891] Ready (ping: 143ms).

Also is the notif=1 correct in the else statement or should that also be notified=1 ?

well sorry for that i already changed that to notified=1