Where is simple push button on Blynk IoT Web Dashboard

Hi All,

Just switched over to the new Blynk IoT. I got a simple example working that prints out a temperature measurement (using ESP32 and BMP180 sensor) to both the Web Dashboard as well as the Mobile Dashboard (Although it is annoying to have to separately design these two Dashboards… but that’s another topic). So far so good!

In the Web Dashboard editing mode, I see there are the following widgets to drag and drop onto the template:

  • Slider
  • Switch
  • Label
  • Gauge
  • LED
  • Image Gallery
  • Chart
  • Map
  • Modules

What I don’t see is a simple push button (it does exist in the Mobile Dashboard, along with many many more widgets). Am I just not seeing it or is this still under development? I figured this is one of the most basic widgets to have? Any tips or thoughts are appreciated!


Same answer as in this topic…

It really does help if you do a search to see if the same question has already been asked and answered before creating a new topic - which is why it says…

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Will be added soon I think.


Hi Pete! I did try searching keywords (both in this community as well generally online) but somehow missed that post. Thanks for pointing it out.