Where has the notification widget gone in Blynk 2?

I have something really simple like

void runAutoDoser() {
  autoDoseRunning = true;
  autoDoseStartMillis = currentMillis; // Start counting time.
  Serial.println("Autodose started. Waiting " + String(autoDoseWaitTime) + "s for next evaluation");
  Blynk.notify("Auto dosing triggered. Dosing " + String(dosingInterval) + "s");

The serial print is fine. App proceeds as normal. No crashes no errors but i dont get any notifications. I also dont see the notification widget everyone is talking about. Im using the latest Blynk 2. Any idea? Did i miss something?

N.B. without the delay(50) the program will crash and cause reboot.

Hey there.

In blynk 2.0 notification widget has been replaced with automations which is much better you don’t have to write any line of code.

You can use Blynk.logEvent instead, it’s more powerful and displayed on the events tab.

Oh thanks for the info… blynk.notify does not seem to work which why i asked. I get the offline notifications but not my custom notifications. @Dmitriy

You need to create the Event first in your Template, before you can use it.

Alright, I’ll try.

i couldn’t figure it out, can you give me more details please ?


Thanks alot buddy.


Event logs is GOOD! Tried it out. much better than previous

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