When scanning QR code on other smartphone it will not connect

How i can mange as boss. Blynk project. When i scan code on other smart phine it not conected.

You do have to have the main project actively running in order for the shares to work.

It is working well in my mobile but not share on other smart phone


Sharing energy not enough…when i tuch in generate link this…what is mean?

I’ve answered this question in the other thread where you asked it.


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Whats mean 1000unit energy? You mean money?

Thanks to all of you… i have done my project. Blynk is an amaizing tuch in automation world.

Hel me please tell me how it works activly running project for sharing projcet without modify,just control buttons

Show this"Not enough energy " when i tuch on shiring link. Whats problem here please help me

It costs 1000 units of energy to share a project. Presumably you have less than this, which is why you’re seeing this message.


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You use money to buy additional energy. Each widget has an energy cost associated with it, and the energy is recycled when you delete the widget from your project. However, the 1000 units of energy used to share a project is not recycleable.

If you run your own local server then you can allocate yourself as much energy as you wish for free.


We have to paid always when i want to share or only once?

Try reading the other thread that you posted in, and doing a bit of searching…


Can we modify code of wedgits from arduino studoi as given link in mobile app?

Umm, can you rephrase your question?

Can we change the basic code of blynk from arduino ide. I am using nodemcu in my home automation project and problem is that when i upload code. All switchs on automatically after done compiling.

You can edit whatever you want with code in the IDE… then recompile and upload.

But that doesn’t change the fact that ESP pins all boot in different default states… that is just how the hardware works.

How it do with code

Do what? I don’t understand your questions.