When choosing Double there is no number ...! But when choosing lnteger it works but not a decimal number

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@MarkPan I’m guessing it might be connected to this issue…


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I am from Syria, I use the Arabic language on the device

It was working fine but after the last update Double it stopped and I don’t know what the problem is

And I’m guessing that in Syria they use the comma (,) as the decimal separator rather than the decimal point (.)

If you read the topic I linked to you’ll see that a different - but probably connected - issue was created by the last Android update, hence my comment to that effect.


After updating the application, several problems appeared, including not showing the value sent from the device to the application

@ebda3 as we already have a number of topics on this issue, I’ve moved your posts into this one, as I assume that all of these problems are connected with the same underlying decimal separator bug that has recently been introduced in the latest Android release.

I’m sure that @BlynkAndroidDev is doping he best to resolve this ASAP.


@ebda3 We already uploaded 1.5.2 build with a fix, while the display value maybe some additional issue. Which locale are you using on your device, so I can check on my side?

I’ve reuploaded 1.5.2 for Play Review with a fix to this issue - disabled arabic digits support for now. We may enable them in dashboards later, would it be ok?

The defect is present only if the language of the phone is Arabic, but when changing the language to English it works fine

My phone language here is English. It works fine without any problems

Hi… can’t find the 1.5.2 in the playstore …

It passed review just recently and is slowly available to users across all regions

Thank you very much…it’s done

Thank you… for your help and problem solving

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Great, thank you for reporting so we were able to fix it more or less quickly.

We may allow the support for Arabic locale numbers, the only place I’m not sure about their support is number edit fields - does your keyboard allows you to enter Arabic locale numbers in them?

Uploading: Screenshot_٢٠٢٢٠٦١٨-١٨٣٥٠٦_Chrome.jpg…

From here there is no