What's the fastest method of communication through Blynk?

For the primary part of testing my simple codes I am using bluetooth. But, for enhancement I want to use something else like ethernet or wifi , etc. Can anyone suggest what is the fastest method of communication.

If youre concerned about latency (lag between a button press in the app and the corresponding command being triggered in the code) then you need to cut-out the internet connection between the app and the server and between the device and the server.

A local server, with the device running the app and the board running the sketch both connected to the same network is the way to achieve this.

Why do I need Local Blynk Server?

  • Better security. You are the only one who knows about the server. You can setup security policies tied to your specific needs (MAC, IPs, login names, etc). You can also make it accessible only within your private network.
  • Better stability. No need to rely on 3rd party Cloud solution. You have the full control.
  • Lower latency. Server is as close to you as it could be.
  • Maximum privacy. All data is stored locally and is not shared with anyone.