What's the benefit of Blynk 2.0 over Arduino iot?

Hi all,

Not trying to be smart in any way (believe me I am far from smart).

I was just wondering what the benefit of using Blynk was, now that Arduino has it’s own cloud platform and is much cheaper?

For a complete idiot like me who does very little in this space I am confused with the differences.

In short
Widgets n flexibility on offer.

Just start to experiment with other platforms, and i am sure you will miss blynk for sure n get back here.

In short: Blynk can do everything Arduino Cloud can, but Arduino Cloud can’t do 99% of what Blynk does.

But yes, trying out both is the easiest way to choose.


Experimenting with the new ios app. Where did the dark theme go?

Hey there,

The app dark theme is not implemented yet.

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Thanks, is 2.0 a partial release?

Before the end of 2021 :thinking:


the dark theme is coming I’m not sure when but it’s a fact.
In my opinion, the reason why it’s not out yet because there’s priorities and the theme is not a high priority, be patient :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes but the dark theme already exist

Maybe for the white label plan only.

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We are working hard on dark theme. There is also a major design update coming. Blynk apps will become much more beautiful.


I’m so excited now

I’m so excited too :heart_eyes:


I see it doesn’t take much to excite you guys. It takes more than a screen color to excite me :sweat_smile:


I have to say that I agree!


I started using BLYNK a few yeas ago and quickly discovered how easy it was to create the application /interface side of the project. Most other solutions do not make it easy to create and talk to the interface.

With Blynk you can quickly create a very powerful interface. I think that this is my number one reason for using BLYNK.

Any status on dark theme?

@bigMoose because most of the Blynk team are Ukrainians, living in the middle of a war zone at present, I’d guess that things like adding the dark theme to the app are pretty low on their list of priorities at the moment :thinking:



Pete, I’d prefer to hear an update from the Product Team and not a guess from a forum moderator.

Thanks , Mike
(Plus plan subscriber)

No problem Mike, just don’t spam the forum with duplicate topics please.