What's on the top on your wish list?

  1. GPS widget with possibility to send NMEA protocol values to arduino
  2. Direct connection between blynk app and esp8266 running server without internet access
  3. A way to “snapshot” graphs/value displays at particular time for future references
  4. Setting Threshold values in graph
    Sorry if I sound like a broken record with the above requests.
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I would like to see the ability to control multiple different microcontrollers with one Blynk “remote”, like have buttons for 2 different ESP8266’s and other controls for an Arduino all on the same page.

And either a way to export “remotes” to standalone apps, or an interface like Unified Remote, personally I would prefer the style of Unified Remote so you do not need to exit one app to get to a different control set in a different app. Additionally if the Unified remote style is pursued the quick action bar that is used there is very fast for changing panels…

And most of all I would love to see Tasker integration.

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Stability on the standalone ESP8266 platform.


For those of us using the Raspberry Pi it would be great to be able to embed a live webcam stream, even if it would only be able to run on own server(not neccessarily Blynk). That way I could have more feedback from my project. Another use would be a security cam for your house. The app NetIO, for example, allows its users to embed a small webpage containing a stream. Anyways, thanks for this awesome app!


Love the cam idea! we will definitely do that.

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I would like a lot more space (smaller buttons etc?) to place buttons, sliders, widgets etc.
On my ipad the buttons are very big and could be a lot smaller.

Also i would like to see multiple dashboard per project, so that one could have one sketch/auth-code for multiple purposes.

Keep up the good work guys, love your app!


open source android app for switching on lights at least

Hi @fii, we are contributing a lot to open source community. But if we give everything - we will need to stop making Blynk. However, you’ll be able to share almost a standalone “app”

Look at the lates Sharing feature - this is the first step towards it

Multi tab option will increase display area and user will be able to divide widgets in categories such as Read Sensors tab, Control Tab, Settings Tab etc.

multiple tabs or even better multiple running projects
/edit: i know i posted this somewhere else as well, excuse the double post

@tzapulica wiil be released in few days :wink:


ios as well? :hocho:

iOS after 2 weeks review =) as usually. but for iOS also. Yes.


thank you
vilen dank


How long until we can use iOS / Android location as a trigger for Blynk events?

It occurs to me that This could be done with varying degrees of precision. iOS location service is good for a rough estimate, but something like bluetooth connect / disconnect would be better for locating me in my car. Wifi connect / disconnect would be able to tell when I’m actually in my apartment, and not just near the building.

I’d love to be able to use additional sensor data from my phone, but location is at the top of my list for controlling IoT devices.



I am using Blynk as a garage door opener but it would be awesome if it automatically opened when I entered my wifi network range or used my GPS. Also would love an apple watch app for my “button”.

I had those features working using IFTTT’s Do Button / iOS location and coding in Particle but for some reason my relay would just start freaking out and opening and closing for no reason. Blynk is MUCH more stable and I haven’t had the same problems even though they are theoretically doing the same thing right now!

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These are all things that are easy to do with tasker on Android.

I have set up multiple tasks to control esp8266 using Blynk. I can also control these tasks from my Pebble watch.

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If only I had an android :stuck_out_tongue:

Blast you, Steve Jobs!

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Direct Connection to esp8266 without internet connection.