What will happen to the legacy Blynk platform? (FAQ)

Hey Blynkers! 👋

So many of you have been asking what will happen with the first generation Blynk platform. We have prepared an FAQ post to address the most common questions. Spoiler alert - there is no plan to shut down Blynk 1.0 server in the foreseeable future.

Also, we have prepared some great incentives for our legacy platform users who move to the new Blynk, and even better ones for those who purchased Energy in the old apps 🙌

Read here for more details: What will happen to the legacy Blynk platform? (FAQ)


Hi! I have read the What will happen to the legacy Blynk platform? (FAQ), but still do not know, what to do exactly to migrate my account to the new release.
I my case, I was using legacy before July 25 and I have purchased Blynk Energy in our legacy app prior to the new platform launch.
Today, I have finally succeeded to register to and installed the new Blynk IoT mobile app. And what now?
Do I get the 5 additional device activations for FREE ! How do I notice it?
What happened to all the energy I have purchased for?
Will I be allowed to use the PRO widgets, or just the basic ones?
I am using the same email for legacy app and cloud, in case it matters.

No, you don’t.
The 5 free devices were for users who created a Blynk 2.0 account, added a device, and sent some data to the server BEFORE July 25th.

As you’ve only created your account today (August 1st) you don’t qualify for the 5 free devices.

What you do qualify for is a 50% discount on your first year’s Plus or Pro subscription. You should have received an email from Blynk with a voucher code for this. If you can’t find it (don’t forget to check your junk mail folder) then send a PM to @MariiaDrozhak and she will investigate the problem.