What is virtual pins?

I’m beginner so I dont know what is the virtual pins and to do my project I need know What is the virtual pin 1 ON MY ARDUINO

(((I’M from Brazil so sorry for the English))

Hello. Here is docs about virtual pins.

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I think of the virtual pins as memory locations. If you are just starting out, that’s probably the best way to describe it. You won’t find them anywhere physically on your hardware, that’s why they are called ‘virtual’.

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“Virtual” or “virtualization” is kind of abstract concept. I define it as something that “exist and dont exist at the same time.” I say “abstract” because you cannot touch it. This definition is more inclined to a philosophical concept.

There are all kind of “virtualizations.” In electronic, for example, there is one called “virtual ground,” etc.

Anyway, in the computer world, “virtual” is not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so.

The Blynk folks “virtual pin” examples, really lack of clearly good examples how to use it. If you are kind of confuse now, I dont blame you.

Here is an example that I am using right now:

Blynk.virtualWrite(4, rht.humidity);

This goes basically in the void loop part. “rht.humidity” is a variable that is holding a value that has been calculated prior to set the virtual pin.

Same variable value is printed out to serial port.

Now, I monitor the value of this variable using for example, the Widget “History Graph” , I assigned pin 4 to “V4.”

Hi. We would really like to improve our examples, and we’re open for suggestions :slight_smile:

Some examples of sketches which use virtual pins to light led widget would be a good start but please show the complete sketch as an example