What Blynk APK to use with Local Blynk Server?

I have things really messed up, I have Blynk APK version 2.27.19, I am running Local Server, server-0.32.0-java8.jar.

Super Charts only shows data for, Live 1h 6h.

I update the server to server-0.41.13-java8.jar
and my projects wont connect, but i can display Super Chart Data to 3M.

everything used to work fine prior to auto update of Blynk APK.

I really just want to know what Blynk APK version to use with Local Server, server-0.32.0-java8.jar

I guess the new server version uses different ports?, Im really trying to avoid having to reflash my projects. There is a Arduino Nano with ESP-01, and a Arduino Uno with ESP8266 Sheild. can I install the new server and change ports to reflect what ever the old server used?
8442 from what I can see in my Sketches

I understand you are supposed to update local server and blynk app at the same time, but i have found no information regarding updated arduino libraries at the same time, is it necessary ?

Thank you for your time.

The Server version, App version and Blynk Library used when compiling your sketch are all supposed to be updated together.

Recent versions use ports 80, 8080 and 9443.


how can i change the default port of the my local server back to 8442?

I guess you can edit server.properties and restart the server, but that won’t fix your underlying problem, which is that your hardware is using a library version that’s out of date.
You need to recompile your device code using the latest Blynk libraries and make the necessary port changes in your code at the same time.


Hey I got everything working properly, thank you.

I updated to latest server version and edited server.properties to hardware port to 8442. Super Charts now works properly. I still have not recompiled the sketches and uploaded to the boards. I understand how the server version and app version are related, I dont understand how the arduino blynk library is tied in? can you explain? I make have lost one of my sketches for a project and to re-write all the code would take me a while.

The server sits between the app and the device.
Adding a new feature requires three things…
The server code to provide the functionality and storage facilities, the Blynk library to enable the methods and provide the functionality to communicate between the server, and the app to display the data and provide the communication with the server (and then on to the device).

Changes in existing features also potentially require all three parts of the equation to be updated, which is why the App, Server and Blynk Library used to compile the code should always be kept in sync, and sketches re-compiled when necessary.


Ok thank you very much for your help and explanation. do you know how to extract a sketch from a arduino. I think I lost a sketch, that is compiled to a arduino nano. i built my projects in 2017 and the sketch is gone, i can rewrite, the code, but i would have to take my project apart to get to the board.

It’s not possible.

That’s the big advantage of running a NodeMCU or ESP32 based project, you can update over the air using OTA.


You can extract , but you will get assembler code , not C++ code. :wink: