Wemos garage door

I have a detached garage and needed a way to tell if the garage overhead door was open or not without leaving the house.

There is a small issue with the code that I am unable to fix. When the door is open, there is a way for me to disable open door notification. when the door is closed, the open door notification reset. However after the garage door is closed, I m still able to toggle the disabled notification in the blynk app, which basically doesnt do anything however lets stay I forgot about it and somone else in the family used the garage door, i would keep getting door open notification with the disable option highlighted in blynk.

  • hardware includes
    wemos d1 mini micro controller
    PC817 octo isolator for the relays
    reed switch for door open or close feedback
    Samsung S8 android blynk app

void loop()

I guess that one option is to to add a bit of code to your BLYNK_WRITE V1 that checks if the door is closed and if it is then do a Blynk.virtualWrite to V1 to turn it off.
That way, it will always revert to off (assuming that’s the setting you want) whenever then door is closed.


Thanks bud! It seems be working with your suggestion.

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