Wemos d1mini and blynk app

hey guys. I’m using a wemos d1 mini and have no issues connecting to blynk app. although when I disconnect my wifi my wemos gets hung up on the blink.begin(auth,ssid, pass)
wemos will not go any further. is there a way for the wemos to skip the blynk.begin statement and go on with the rest of the program ?

As you’ve discovered, Blynk.begin is a blocking command. If it can’t connect to either WiFi or the Blynk server then code execution will stop at theat point.

The solution is to set-up your own WiFi connection within the code, then use Blynk.config and Blynk.connect.

A bit of searching for Blynk.config will reveal many discussions on this solution within the forum.


thank you Pete!