Wemos D1 R2 not detected from Laptop

Board version: Wemos D1 R2 (V2.1.0) Based on ESP8266

Hello Blynk community,

My Laptop does not detect my ESP anymore. I do not even find an option in the device manager. It is like my Laptop completely ignores the ESP. I tried serveral USB cabels and all different USB ports, but nothing helped.

I am sure that my ESP works because the Blynk App shows action. Also the light of the chip turns on everytime I connect it to the laptop. Furthermore I tried different chips which I know that they are working.

I’ve never had problems like this before. My laptop always detected the ESP8266s (serveral ones) very fast. It is like it came from out of nowhere.
A few days ago I cleaned up my Laptop to reduce working memory. Maybe I deleted something which had to do with the USB drivers for the ESP?

Therefore I downloaded and installed CP210x usb to uart bridge vcp drivers for windows 10, but that also didn’t work. Are this even the right drivers for my Wemos D1 R2?

I am not sure what to do anymore. Could you help me with this?

Best regards,

Open device manager in windows and watch the COM PORT section while plugging in your device. Does anything appear?

You need a CH340 driver…


My device manager doesn’t even show “com port” or “other devices”. As I said, it doesn’t even recognize that something is connected.

I installed CH340G driver but it’s still not working. Nothing changed.

When I try to install the driver this message shows up:

Then I check the device manager, but there is still nothing.

Best regards,

You should probably try either a different computer or a different board - or both - to narrow-down the source of the issue.


Ok. I’ll try a different computer.
Thanks a lot !


Does your laptop recognise other USB devices? (thumbdrive, printer etc?)

Seems like you removed something when you . . .


Yes it does. There are no problems with my smartphone for example.

Anyway, i tried a different laptop and now it works. Maybe I need to check settings from my old one.

Thanks a lot!