Wemos D1 mini and stepper motor using Blynk joystick

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for helpings, just found out about all this Internet of things and it is exciting, so much i can do, i am new to Arduino and IOT so please help.

My project, i am trying to control a 28 BYJ- 48 stepper motor with the driver board that came with it

(https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-DC-5V-Stepper-Motor-28BYJ-48-With-ULN2003-Driver-Test-Module-Board-5-Line-New/332327538617?hash=item4d6043cfb9:g:djwAAOSwlhpZgEAK )

with a Wemos D1 mini NodeMcu 4M bytes Lua

I want to use Blynk joystick to turn to stepper motor clockwise and counter clockwise with up and down on the joystick
i been trying a few codes but nothing seems to work

I know nothing about codes but i figured out how to input the token and my wifi info thats about it
i want to use the D1- D4 pins on the wemos to connect to the In1- In4 of the motor driver board
i will be using a old phone charger brick and cable to power the Wemos and i will power the stepper motor with another 5V power supply separate but i know that the ground( negative ) wires have to be tied together on the Demos board and the driver board.

if anything is wrong please help me
help me with the code and what library i need for the Arduino IDE
i am using a mac and i have already downloaded the Arduino IDE but thats it

thanks again


Sorry, but this forum is really here to help you learn about Blynk, not learn to write code, or do it for you. I do think there has been a few other topics about stepper motors here though, so I would recommend you use this forum’s search function for keywords like joystick and stepper motor, etc.

Also, it is always best to get a device connected and working with whatever “normal” arduino code and libraries it needs (there will be hundreds of examples out there).

Then learn some basics with how Blynk works… we have the Documentation, Help Center and Sketch Builder to assist in that…

And finally, you can try to merge the two. We are better able to assist at that point as you will have some basic prerequisite knowledge by then.