Wemos board conflicting arduino mega

mysterious thing happen with my board or seems like blynk overload my mega board, my arduino mega + enc28j60 work well from last 2 month without problem yesterday i get new wemos d1 mini and start sending data on superchart ,likely i try sum fuction in superchart and now my board start sending NAN value , but this cannot happen from board because i use constrain(x,0,100) why this happening

board is connected to server also sending data all function of mega board working but NAN why? both wemos and arduino working seprately
and using only 2 virtualwrite per second and no other blynk function

This statement seems to imply that you are using your Wemos and Arduino connected together in some way, can you clarify?

The NAN result is because, as the message says, the result is Not A Number. Constrain will constrain numbers to a certain numeric range, but throw a non-numeric value at it and it won’t magically turn it into a number for you.

A better explanation of your setup, and the code you are running, would help.


my meaning is arduino working from last 2 month fine but yestery get new wemos for another project in same network when i connect wemos to blynk arduino start sending nan why?

here mega mean arduino + enc28j60,
mini mean wemos d1 mini after reset arduino everything start working

seem like everything working great after reset

you didnt understand my mean , i have 2 case :
case 1 : if arduino boot up before wemos arduino start sending nan where data is ultrasonic sensor
and newping library never return negative long value -2,147,483,648.

case 2 : arduino boot after wemos no problem.

reseting the board create case 2, these problem also happen with esp32

Without more detailed information about you’re setup, whether you are specifying static IP addresses and specific MAC addresses, what your devices are reading the data from, and how the data is being used in Blynk, it’s impossible to say what is causing this.


i solved my problem