WebPage Image Button Datastream

Greetings. I am using a WebPage Image Button widget. While it works perfectly on the web dashboard, there seems to be no option to add a datastream to it in the Android app.

Hello. WebPage Image Button Wiget in the Android app works just with links.

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We have added the ability to add Datastream to the WebPage Image Button Widget in the Android application, it will be available after the next update of the application in Google Play

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Great, thank you very much!

I have found another issue, this time for the Image Button. I use Blynk.setProperty for opacity (I have also tried scale and rotation) and, while the property is applied in the datastream, there are no visual changes in the app.
(the images for ON and OFF are loaded via setProperty. However, I still have this issue if I load the images directly from the app.)

Hi, it is not a bug, it looks like you are trying Image Gallery widget properties with WebPage Image Button widget which does not support them.

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