WebPage Button for RasPi camera video stream

I just discovered the WebPage Button widget. For testing purposes, I have set it up as a direct link to a video stream coming from my Raspberry Pi. Wow, I’m very impressed with the speed of the video, many times faster than the Video Streaming widget, much less lag. However the biggest con is that when I click on the WebPage button, it takes me away from my main Blynk dashboard making it non-functional for my purpose as only the video feed is displayed. I’m guessing there’s no option to make the webpage part of the main Blynk dash? This would make my Raspberry Pi rover much more usable.

Heh… same comment as this recent post…

However, they are two different widgets for two different purposes.

Near as I can tell, the Web Page button is ment to open a separate browser extension window (probably using the phone’s web browser and Blynkifying it?) in order accommodate larger pages as is generally normal with websites.

It’s probably “faster” for same reason… it is just a browser extension and only viewing whatever webpage you are looking at, wherein the web server is doing all the work, as opposed to processing an incoming video stream in the actual App Widget.

So it’s not possible to have a small widget display the webpage within the dashboard then?
If not, I wonder if this could be easily implemented into the the main Blynk dash in the future?

Add it to the wish list here… but it is already a scaled down web browser, I don’t see how that will be beneficial to be made even more scaled down if embedded into the App desktop… fullscreen is already limiting (depending on your phone size) and we already have the Image Widget and Video Widget for exactly such in-App-desktop viewing purposes.

If you want a faster Video Widget experience, change the resolution, bit rate, frame rate, etc. of the stream (at the source) to fit your needs.