Webhook to Thingspeak with a Bluetooth (HC-05) device

I am somewhat confused: is webhook widget supposed to work with a HC-05 based device or not?

I have a traning bike paired with a computer game racing wheel, the whole setup is controlled by Arduino Micro Pro with HC-05. Blynk is used to display speed and distance traveled and it does that very well. However, when I try to send the data over to Thingspeak, it does not work. I am sure it is the correct pin, the procedure fires off correctly (I have in it another virtual pin updated which shows on the phone). The URL copied to the browser does work exactly as it should… What else I might be missing?

No. https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library/wiki/Bluetooth
Webhook logic happens on server, which is absent in your pin data flow.

I understand that BT communication with Blynk may happen offline, but I would not mind if webhook called the server anyway.

Yeah. That would be nice. However it is not yet implemented.