Webhook help needed

Hopefully someone can help as I’m pulling my hair out trying to understand what I’ve done wrong (probably something very stupid? I am using a webhook to communicate with one of my devices: I can toggle the device using the same command in a web browser but am getting the following error in the Blynk app. Any suggestions for me?

If you’re using the Blynk cloud server then the server wont be able to resolve this address, as it’s local to your home network.


Ah thanks Pete. That makes total sense!

I guess I am back to square 1 trying to do this. Can you think of any easy way to control a local device via the Blynk app without moving to a local Blynk server? I am simply trying a once off to control 1 of my tasmota devices using the Blynk app.


No worries. I have come up with a solution - not very elegant but it works for now: I am using a Webpage Button with the url I need to control the switch. Bummer that it opens up an almost empty “webpage” but at least I can control it this way.


Don’t know if i’m totally 100% understanding the situation, but what about assigning your link to a static ip. Then the link should work anywhere. Use something like a Dynamic DNS service. If you haven’t done anything like this before there should be plenty of guides online.


@Gavin_Randall Thanks for the advice. I’m not really keen on setting up a ddns service - I have used noip.com previously and it didn’t go smoothly because of the crappy router I have.

Since my last post I actually just installed nodered server on the same R-Pi that handles my mqtt server. I am using that to convert between the Blynk app and my mqtt so now I can access all my local mqtt data via Blynk which works perfectly without worrying about opening up my local network to the internet.
By the way I am only using nodered to convert my data - I do not like the nodered interface options. It looks like they came from the 1990’s :thinking:

I use Node-Red for all my home automation, and I love it - all except the control panel, which is very poor. But that’s where Blynk comes-in.

Not sure if you’ve seen this topic…


Thanks @PeteKnight I will definitely check it out. I had a quick look and see that I am using the same Blynk palette in nodered as you.
I am looking forward to the day that Blynk eventually release their new version which has a web app (if they ever do). We may finally have an easy to use modern-looking web interface.

Update: Now that I look at your post I remember reading it sometime last year. I’m sure this is what made me install nodered with the Blynk palette for controlling my mqtt devices. :+1:

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Some great links here, glad i posted and checked back. I’ve been messing with integromat.com to do some home automation, but didn’t like the limit on operations per month. Then looking into Home Assistant but feeling quit overwhelmed by it. Node-Red might be the answer im looking for.

Sometimes it feels like “Node-Red is the answer - now what is the question” :grin: