Webhook and Local Server issues

Hi blynkers,
I’m just playing with the Webhook widget and I’m struggling when I try to use it from Local or Cloud Server to Local Server project.
I’m able to send data using Webhook between projects like this for Cloud Server:
This way V2 value is updated properly.

But, for Local Server, using same syntax, it doesn’t work, the “receiver” is not updated.

The only thing that works is the test run if I change “v30?value=/pin/” to “v30?value=1” for example.

I guess I’m not doing anything wrong as per the tests I’ve done… obviously I’m missing something…

Below my tests:

Tablet C (Cloud Server) is able to change Gauge at Tablet B (Cloud Server) (line 1)

Tablet B (Cloud Server) is able to change Vpin value at Tablet C (Cloud Server) and vice versa (line 2)

Tablet A (Local Server) is able to update Vpin at Tablet C (Cloud server) (line 3)

Tablet C (Cloud Server) is NOT able to update Vpin at Tablet A (Local Server) (line 4)

(you can notice table B and C are both offline… this is fine for this test)

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance,

Can somebody have a look in this matter?
Thanks in advance

Depending on how you’ve set up your local network, router etc, the request might not reach your local server. Using DDNS your traffic would probably take a loop to the “outside” just to be stopped by your router.

Does it work if you access the server with its local IP (from your local network)?
Like ?!

I just tested something like this, here… But I used port 8080 as it is a hardware link, thus the hardware port… and of course I am doing all this inside my network :stuck_out_tongue:

But still, I believe you just need to use the 8080 port and have it also port forwarded.

@distans, @Gunner,
Thanks for your help!!
The solution was to use the local configuration and 8080 port, as simple as that… I was blind trying to use DDNS details…
My only concern is the time it takes to update the Vpin of the other project… it takes less than 2 seconds, but as I’m running local server, those 2 seconds are a lot for me!
I’ll do more tests but the good point is that now I turn on a lamp when the door is open and turn it off when the door is closed… simple but useful! :sweat_smile:

Thanks again!!

Bad idea… now everytime I turn on the light with the original project it goes off after a few seconds due to the fact the door is closed!!! :sweat_smile:
I need to think something different… bridge should be the best option…

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