Web Switch not updating

The Switch widget on the web console and attached to D13 is not updated when the app widget attached to D13 is switched. The web console switch widget is unresponsive, but clicking the right side of the switch will turn the app widget on, but the console switch remains off. The D13 pin switches but cannot be turned off from the web console. The cellphone app works fine, D13 can be switched on and off

Blynk version 1.2.0.

Sounds like something that needs to be investigated, but TBH you’d be far better using virtual datastreams farther than digital ones - they give you far more control and are implemented much better than the digital datastreams in Blynk IoT.


I am facing the same issue. The app on my mobile is working fine, but in the web console, the switch is not working.

@Dmitriy I guess that this reported issue (I’ve not tested it) is one for you?
Web dashboard switch widgets connected to digital pins are not working, but they do work in the mobile dashboard.


Hello, @Adithya_S @Zip. What datastream settings you have in this Web Switch widget. Also what type datastream?