Web stream broken

so i cannot get the stream widget to work, it just buffers for a bit before saying ‘error’. im now fairly confident ive been through every relevant post here at least twice, without success. im very confident that my url is good, and that my sketch (modified from here) is also good. using esp-cam(esp32+ov2640) an iphone SE (the original) ios 13.3, blynk 2.26.6(1). force tcp transport does nothing. stream plays in browser, in vlc, even with the web link button. but not in the widget. i found an old galaxy s4 to test android, same issue, except it wont even play in the web-link, it has to open in an external browser, but then it will play. same blynk version, and strangely it wont update (though i wasnt able to install blynk from the device, i had to add it from my google account or something so i have no idea what the deal there is). im glad i decided to test everything individually before spending money on the ‘energy’ to finish this project, although if i can get this working i probably will

at this point i have tried too many different sketches, different urls, and different stream formats to believe that this currently works at all, doubled by the fact that i have yet to see anyone using the web stream successfully on ios with the current version of blynk