Web Dashboard editor

Something is wrong with the dashboard editor when moving a widget, the whole layout is destroyed

This is the original layout

Most likely that happened due to LED widgets were set to 1x1 cell size and now their minimum size is 2x1, so when you add a new widget, they’re resized to their minimum size and can’t fit the previous layout anymore.

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Why do LED widgets have to be so big?


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Ok I am angry :sweat_smile:

it’s not just the LED widgets that are impacted, and that’s very recent!
I work on my interface last week.
The interface becomes awful ! this has no sense !

text input
2022-04-19_162329 before 2022-04-19_163152
2022-04-19_162320 before 2022-04-19_163147

2022-04-19_162311 before 2022-04-19_163200

I have a panel made of 12 LEDs and 12 switches, I can’t imagine the disaster if I edit it !

This issue has been solved, now, I can move widget without destroying my web dashboard :wink:

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