Web Dashboard - Chart

On the LATEST tab the data is showing correctly (1348 Watt) on the Chart, but if you select any other TAB the scaling is incorrect and showing spurious data. See attached examples

@Badge is data in the CSV is correct? Does page refresh helps?

There is no CSV tab on the Web Dashboard that I can see, and no difference after a page refresh.
The phone app (Andriod) also has no CSV function anymore.

Some thing else I noticed is that in Landscape mode there is no data displayed as well.

@Badge you can download Device’s CSV by following the steps:
Find your Device
Actions Menu
Download Report
set report data period and other options
Generate Report

Thanks for that, I see that I need to upgrade to download the report. I intend doing so at the end of the month.

However it does not get away from the fact the data is displayed incorrectly. I don’t think running the basic package will affect this, I could be wrong

Provide you Datastream and Widget setup screenshots please.

Interestingly, if I set-up a datastream in the same way as you, the web dashboard doesn’t give me the “COUNT” option, I only have “AVG of”, “MIN of” and “MAX of”…



On my side it says COUNT (default) if you don’t select anything.

Count and Sum were removed recently. We’ll introduce other ways of calculating it.