Web Dashboard and Mobile Dashboard synchroninizarion

I have made a ESP8266 project with Blynk. Edgent.
I could make the project on the website in a computer running under Windows 10. Then, I could make the project on an Android Phone. Here the project is running ok.
The relationship between firmare on ESP8266 and Mobile Dashboard it is ok.
The problem is on Web Dashboard, this dasboard dont show or copy the information and changes maked or showed on Mobile Dashboard. The web navegator became slow and I have to restart it to change between windows but I never could see online values which are showed on Mobile Dashboard.
I have tried with Chrome and Microsoft Edge and I have the same error.
I have tried with the Google navigator on the cell phone and I have the same error, also.
I hope someone can help me, it is running my free of charge period on the platform and it is almost finished.
Thanks in advance

So you don’t see real-time updates in the web dashboard? Are you sure you have the same setup as in the mobile dash? I mean you have the same datastreams setup? Did you open the concrete device? We have seen that many users look into template dashboard, not device dashboard.

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You are right, I commited two mistakes, as follow:

  1. On Web Dashboard a widget has no assigned a virtual pin (empty).
  2. I did not open a concrete or specific device dashboard, I was looking into template dashboard.

Now it is clear, “template dashboard” is for making and editing a dashboard and “concrete dashboard” is for looking into the device connected data.
Thanks a lot for your cooperation.


Why is it used two dashboards like that? Just confusing…

If you are talking about template approach, then having 1 source of settings is highly beneficial.

Imagine you have 10 similar sensors in your garden. You can only create 1 template and it will be applied to all of the sensors. Also, when you update 1 template, changes are applied to all of the sensors with 1 click.

If you are talking about separate mobile and web dashboards :

Different screen sizes require different functionality. Look at it differently:

  • when I’m at home/office I use desktop and can analyze data in details
  • when I’m on the go, I need to pull out my smartphone and quickly do this and that

Isn’t it amazing having 2 dashboards instead of one?

Makes sense?


is that possible to make same dashboard clone from web to mobile with one click? i mean to clone web dashboard to mobile?

That’s not possible at the moment.